Episode 6 | Strong and Free | Haitian Diaspora in Quebec: Rhymes and Revolution

Strong and Free is produced by Media Girlfriends and Historica Canada.-- This episode was written and produced by Josiane Blanc.

Senior producers are Garvia Bailey and Hannah Sung.

Sound design and mix by David Moreau and Gabbie Clarke.

The Media Girlfriends team is rounded out by Lucius Dechausay, Jeff Woodrow and Nana aba Duncan, the founder of Media Girlfriends.

Thanks to singer/songwriter Jenny Salgado. And thank you to our script-consultant Alain Saint-Victor.

Special thank you to Imposs for the use of his song “Jaco” featuring Jenny Salgado.

Fact-checking by Cloé Carron

English versioning by Power of Babel