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2 episodes

Canada During Covid-19: A Living Archive

The Canada During COVID Archive collected the experiences of Canadians during the pandemic for the past year. We interviewed 6 archive participants who tell us about their lives during the first year of the pandemic. 

Canada During COVID-19: A Living Archive
20 episodes

Canada History Week

Canada History Week provides all Canadians with the opportunity to learn more about people and events that have shaped the country we know today.

4 episodes

Canadian Innovations

Canadian innovations have helped shaped the world we live in today. Learn more about these innovations, and the Canadian inventors behind them, with Historica Canada’s video series, produced in partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation

6 episodes

Citizenship Challenge

The Citizenship Challenge asks Canadians to test their national knowledge by studying for and writing a mock citizenship exam in French or English, and also creates learning tools and videos to increase our understanding of topics related to citizenship and history.

3 episodes

Critical Digital Literacy

Do your students think critically about the messages fighting for their attention? Today’s digital media landscape can leave them frustrated about which news sources to trust, but disinformation was around well before the internet. 

3 episodes

Multiculturalism in Canada

50 years ago, Canada became the first country in the world to adopt an official multiculturalism policy. In collaboration with community members, academics, consultants and artists, Historica Canada has created a podcast and video series, and new content on The Canadian Encyclopedia about the history and legacy of multiculturalism in Canada.

2 episodes

Official Languages Act

Linguistic plurality is a cornerstone of modern Canadian identity, but the history of language in Canada is not a simple story. Today, English and French enjoy equal status in Canada, although this has not always been the case. The 50th anniversary of Canada’s Official Languages Act (OLA) represents an opportunity to learn about the history that led to the Act, and its subsequent legacy.

21 episodes

Record of Service

Record of Service is presented by The Memory Project. In this series, we bring you interviews with Canada’s veterans—their stories of life, loss and service. 

Record of Service
2 episodes

Residential Schools

"Residential Schools" aims to commemorate the history and legacy of residential schools, and honour the stories of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Survivors, their families, and communities.

Residential School Awareness
3 episodes

Strong & Free

Tracing stories from the earliest Black settlers to recently arrived Canadians, Strong and Free captures just a few of the crucial stories of Black Canadians thriving and contributing to building this country.

The audio in these stories is from Strong and Free, a six-part podcast from Historica Canada, produced by Media Girlfriends. Because Black history is Canadian history. 

Strong & Free
13 episodes

The Memory Project

These videos provide educators an opportunity to present oral history as a valuable source and incorporate firsthand accounts into classroom activities and discussions.

Produced by the Memory Project. To learn more about military history, visit 

13 episodes

Think Like a Historian

The Think Like a Historian series of videos and resources is a curriculum-based learning tool to build skills to analyze and interpret primary sources.

2 episodes

Timeline Videos

Timeline videos provide an overview of significant events and people in Canadian history.

10 episodes

Voices From Here

The Voices from Here video series features stories of First Nations, Inuit & Métis participants. Their stories shed light on histories of resilience and resurgence.

Voices from Here
3 episodes

Women in Canadian History

Women in Canada have played a crucial role in the story of the past and how it shapes the present. Women’s history seeks to write women back into the parts of the narrative from which they have been omitted, with the goal of telling a more complete story.