Heritage Minute: Mary “Bonnie” Baker

In 1952, Mary “Bonnie” Baker was a guest on the popular TV game show “What’s My Line?” A group of celebrity panelists were tasked with guessing her extraordinary profession. Panelist Dorothy Kilgallen correctly guessed Baker was a professional baseball player.

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Baker was one of sixty-eight Canadian players in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. She made her debut as a catcher for the South Bend Blue Sox in 1943, where she stayed until 1949. 


Mary “Bonnie” Baker: Michelle Mylett
End Narrator: Maureen “Chick” Baker
Director: Anita Ayres
Director of Photography: Kristen Fieldhouse
Editor: Jordan Bell
Wardrobe: Sarah Hegglin
Composer: Kennedy Siba
Written by Joleen Ballendine
Producers: Brent Kawchuk & Jeremy Drummond
Produced by Danny Rockett Productions with Barbershop Films