Jackie Shane

Jackie Shane – Ravyn Wngz 
Narrator – Beverly Glenn-Copeland 
Directors – Pat Mills and Ayo Tsalithaba 
Director of Photography – Gayle Ye 
Editor – Nicole Sison 
Composer – Murray A. Lightburn 
Written by – J.P. Larocque 
Producers – Caitlin Brown and Vanessa Magic 
Produced By Harlow Creative 
Costumes - Fidge Fletcher
Makeup - Robert Weir
Set design - Nicole Simmons
Hair styling - Erica Croft

Music copyright: 

“Any Other Way” 
Written by William Bell 
Performed by Jackie Shane 
Courtesy of Universal Music 

“New Way of Lovin” 
Written and performed by Jackie Shane 
Courtesy of The Numero Group.