We aim to create programs that appeal to all Canadians, although some specifically focus on youth. Our best-known offerings include the Heritage Minutes,a collection of more than 90 dramatized vignettes that recreate events of importance, accomplishment and bravery in our country’s history. The Canadian Encyclopedia, a free online resource, reached more than 12 million unique visitors over the past year. It offers the largest collection of authored, accurate and continuously updated articles focused on Canada and Canadiana. Our other programs include The Memory Projectthrough which veterans share their experiences online and in classrooms and community groups; and The Citizenship Challenge, in which young Canadians answer the same questions as real-life applicants for citizenship. As well, Historica Canada regularly conducts public opinion polls and solicits feedback on a variety of issues of national interest.

We welcome comments, suggestions and questions. Send email to info@historicacanada.ca. You can follow our activities on Facebook and Twitter. You can make a financial donation via the DONATE button at the top of this page. Whatever the form of your comment or contribution, we appreciate your interest, and we thank you.


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