We offer all our programs free of charge in both of our country’s official languages.  Our online programs and resources are accessed by more than 28 million users annually, and our educational tools have been distributed to more than 65,000 teachers from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

We believe that history is best taught and learned through providing a wide variety of voices and insights into our past.  In doing so, we better understand the scale and scope of achievements by individuals and by our country overall - and also, those areas where we have failed in our actions and treatment of one another. 

In all our programs, we place a premium on accuracy and context, and work with subject matter experts toward those ends.  We have enhanced efforts to ensure that the stories, achievements, and challenges faced by historically marginalized people are included and told by and in consultation with members of those communities.  That includes – but is not limited to – Indigenous peoples and Black Canadians.

As a charitable organization, Historica Canada is supported by a variety of sources, including governments, corporate sponsors, and individuals. If you wish to support our work through a donation, you may do so here.  We welcome questions and comments about our programs and organization: to do so, email at info@historicacanada.ca.

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