We Were Freedom

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We Were Freedom

The names are ordinary, almost anonymous. These men and women could be from anywhere, from anytime, related to anyone. But they are far from ordinary; they are Canadian veterans of the Second World War. And now, their stories are being told.

Compiled and edited by The Historica-Dominion Institute, We Were Freedom: Canadian Stories of the Second World War is a remarkable collection of oral histories that pays tribute to the men and woman who served in Canada’s greatest military effort. Ernest Peter Bone remembers flight training in Manitoba; Cyril Roach recalls the Allied invasion of Normandy; Helen Jean Crawley describes her work as a searchlight operator; Joseph Friedman tells of his experiences as a prisoner of war. Accompanying these deeply personal stories is a wealth of archival material - photographs, medals, letters, newspaper clippings, identity cards and more.

In turns moving, horrifying, and heartwarming, We Were Freedom is an exceptional piece of history - a record of the men and women who fought and suffered in order to preserve our way of life.


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