Kensington Market Print Four

10.00 CAD


Kensington Market Print Four

Neighbourhoods like Toronto’s Kensington Market have helped shape our country by providing newcomers a first stop in Canada. In the first animated Heritage Minute new arrivals transform a single store as it passes from generation to generation and culture to culture. 


Historica Canada has released a series of 4 limited edition prints featuring scenes from the Kensington Market Heritage Minute. Art by Global Mechanic.

The Heritage Minutes are dramatic interpretations of pivotal events in Canada's history, which commemorate notable Canadians, achievements in innovation, and instances of perseverance and bravery.

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Dimensions: 8x10

Paper: 14pt Gloss Cover stock 


Kensington Market Prints - Set of 4
Kensington Market Print Three
Kensington Market Print Two