Heritage Minute Greeting Cards – set of 6

12.00 CAD


Heritage Minute Greeting Cards – set of 6

For the boys of Sargent Avenue, and anyone else you may need to send greetings. Historica Canada has created a set of six Heritage Minute greeting cards, featuring a still and iconic quote from each Minute. It’s totally normal to use 90s nostalgia to express your gratitude, congratulations and birthday wishes. Now the people will know you were thinking of them.

Inside is blank. Buy three sets and we’ll send you a fourth free!


The Heritage Minutes are dramatic interpretations of pivotal events in Canada's history, which commemorate notable Canadians, achievements in innovation, and instances of perseverance and bravery.


Heritage Minute Greeting Cards Collection Two – Set of 6
Cartes de souhaits des Minutes du Patrimoine – 6 par parquet
 Cartes de souhaits – 6 par parquet