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What do we really know about 'the true history of Canada'?

CTV News examines Canadian knowledge of Indigenous histories.

Jul 01, 2021


TAYLOR: D-Day taught us the meaning of sacrifice

Col. Gilbert Taylor reflects on D-Day and includes an excerpt of Lloyd Bentley’s testimony with The Memory Project.

Jun 05, 2021

Mar 10, 2020

Educating Canadians On Residential Schools Is Historica Canada's Next Big Project

Huffington Post covers Historica Canada's new Residential Schools Awareness Campaign.

Historica Canada, the non-profit behind the popular Canadian Heritage Minute series, is tackling the residential school system. Read the full article here.

Mar 04, 2020

Residential schools podcast highlights history and legacy of survivors

APTN News covers Historica Canada's new podcast, Residential Schools.

There’s a new way to learn about residential schools and hear stories from survivors.
A three part podcast series titled Residential Schools was launched by Historica Canada earlier this week. Read the full story here.

Mar 03, 2020

First episode from Historica Canada's new series tackles the First Nation experience at residential school.

CBC Ottawa Morning speaks with Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais, host of Historica Canada's new podcast on Residential Schools.

Listen to the interview here.

Mar 02, 2020

Podcast series reveals trauma of residential schools

Winnipeg Free Press covers the new Residential Schools podcast.

Historica Canada's three-part series to speak to experiences of different children. Read the full story here.

Feb 17, 2020

Obit: D-Day veteran helped supply Canadian army that fought across Europe

Jim Warford passed away Jan. 27, he was 97 years old. He had spoken with The Memory Project about his experiences in the Second World War.

"When we landed at Juno Beach they were still shelling the beach because if they could cut off the supplies then they'd cut of the army being able to advance," the Burlington resident told Historica Canada's The Memory Project. Read the full story here.

Jan 30, 2020

Chinese Canadians facing hate, racism for coronavirus outbreak – much like the SARS outbreak in 2003

The National Post speaks with Anthony Wilson-Smith on reactions to the new coronavirus outbreak and its similarity to SARS in 2003.

As the reports of confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death toll in China spread, many are pointing fingers at the Asian community for the outbreak.

In the wake of the outbreak, Historica Canada recirculated a video that highlighted the stigma stacked against Chinese communities during the 2003 SARS outbreak. Read the full story here.

Dec 01, 2019

The last word: What role do encyclopedias play in the modern world?

Anthony Wilson-Smith, president and CEO of Historica Canada and a former editor-in-chief of Maclean’s Magazine, reflects on the role of encyclopedias in the modern world.

The meeting room at Norway House, hard by the European Parliament in Brussels, is modern, brightly lit, with a convenient patio for breaks. As diplomatic buildings go, it’s welcoming. It is also an unlikely place for a Canadian to find himself talking about encyclopedias. Read the full article here.

Nov 08, 2019

More Canadians plan to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies this year: poll

The Canadian Press covers a Remembrance Day poll conducted on behalf of Historica Canada.

TORONTO -- A new survey suggests more Canadians are planning to mark Remembrance Day this year, perhaps in a salute to the few remaining veterans of the Second World War. Read the full story here.

Nov 08, 2019

Remembrance Day ceremonies likely to see another increase this year

Radio-Canada International covers the Remembrance Day poll conducted on behalf of Historica Canada.

More and more Canadians are attending Remembrance Day ceremonies every year and it appears this coming Monday, Nov. 11, will be no different.
A new survey suggests that more than 41 per cent of Canadians plan to attend ceremonies honouring fallen service members on Monday. Read the full story here.

Nov 07, 2019

Maple Ridge honours 100-year-old Second World War gunner

The city of Maple Ridge recognizes the service of Fred Moritz whose testimony is on The Memory Project archive.

A Second World War veteran who ended his military career with eight medals was recognized for his service by the City of Maple Ridge on his 100th birthday. [...] In 2010, Moritz recounts his experience during the war in an interview for The Memory Project, an initiative of Historica Canada. Read the full story here.