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What do we really know about 'the true history of Canada'?

CTV News examines Canadian knowledge of Indigenous histories.

Jul 01, 2021


TAYLOR: D-Day taught us the meaning of sacrifice

Col. Gilbert Taylor reflects on D-Day and includes an excerpt of Lloyd Bentley’s testimony with The Memory Project.

Jun 05, 2021

Nov 04, 2014

Young Iqaluit writer receives Governor-General’s history award

Nunatsiaq Online profiles Aboriginal Arts and Stories winner Aviaq Johnson

A short story written by Aviaq Johnston of Iqaluit has earned her a Governor General’s History Award, established in 1996 by Canada’s National History Society to recognize excellence in history. Read the full story here.

Oct 31, 2014

So You Think You Could Pass a Canadian Citizenship Exam?

Huffington Post Blog on Citizenship Week

Think you could pass the exam that newcomers take to become Canadian citizens? Citizenship Week is upon us -- the perfect opportunity to test your knowledge. Read the article and take the quiz here.

Oct 16, 2014

National Program Inspires Aboriginal Youth Achievement in Writing and Visual Arts

Canadian News Wire on Aboriginal Arts & Stories program

Grade 11 student Andrea Lanouette paid tribute to a British Columbia mysterious tragedy and is being recognized nationally for her literary work on the Highway of Tears. Read full article here.

Oct 15, 2014

Quiz: Can you pass this Canadian citizenship test?

Metro Ottawa reports on Citizenship Challenge event in Ottawa

About 140 students from across the country were put to the Citizenship Challenge on Wednesday when they played a bingo-style game at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. The students answered questions about Canada similar to those that appear in a Discover Canada citizenship test. Read full article here.

Oct 12, 2014

'Heritage Minute' Posters Freeze Canadian Moments In Time

Huffington Post on Heritage Minutes Poster collaboration with Christopher Hemsworth

You remember "Heritage Minutes." You know, those sometimes-corny, always-earnest vignettes that taught you about Canadian history. Read full story here.

Sep 26, 2014

Canadian citizenship: What it takes

Anthony Wilson-Smith on citizenship for Diplomat Online Magazine

Think fast — test your knowledge about Canada. Can you name two responsibilities of citizenship? What qualifications are necessary to vote in a federal election? Read full article here.

Sep 18, 2014

1000 Dinners aims to spark conversations on how to improve Toronto

National Post reports on 1000 Dinners, partnered with Historica Canada

A coalition of community organizations is hoping to spark thousands of dinner conversations about how to improve our city, inviting locals to sit down for 1,000 dinners across Toronto on Oct. 7. Read full article here.

Sep 14, 2014

Democracy in youth urged

Encounters with Canada partners with Elections Canada during democracy

Youth are being called on to play a greater role in energizing the country’s democracy as the one-year countdown to the next federal election approaches. Read full story here.

Sep 11, 2014

Students explore war through Memory Project Archive

Brampton Guardian reports on Memory Project event held at Sir Isaac Brock Public School

On the 75th anniversary of Canada’s entry into the Second World War, a handful of military veterans assembled at Sir Isaac Brock Public School for an educational mission. Read article here.

Sep 09, 2014

Lost in Arctic for 169 years, Franklin ship found: 'A great moment for Canada'

CTV Interviews Anthony Wilson-Smith about the discovery of one of the ships from the Franklin expedition.

A Canadian research team has solved one of the biggest mysteries in our country's history by finding one of the two lost ships from Sir John Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition. Watch full video here.