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Tsilhqot’in chief featured in Historica Canada series Voices From Here

Williams Lake Tribune speaks with Russell Myers Ross, featured in Historica Canada's new video series Voices from Here.

Jun 30, 2020


Can you identify these famous Canadians of colour?

Castanet News covers Historica Canada's Canada Day poll and quizzed people on the streets of Vernon.

Jun 27, 2020

Nov 12, 2013

The National: Canadian Encyclopedia Makeover

The Canadian Encyclopedia is getting a much-needed 21st century update.

The National reports on the new Canadian Encyclopedia makeover. Watch the video here.

Nov 12, 2013

Snapchat Campaign with The Memory Project

The Memory Project Snapchat Campaign receives coverage from from online Marketing and Strategy Magazine

Teens find out more about veterans via SnapChat reports Strategy Magazine. Read here.

Marketing Magazine reports, Memory Project uses Snapchat to show vet stories can vanish. Read article here.

Nov 08, 2013

Korean veterans keep memories alive of the 'Forgotten War'

Anthony Wilson-Smith shares his thoughts on the Korean War, and Leonard Wells, Korean War vet, tells his story to The Canadian Press.

When Leonard Wells joined Canada's armed forces, he expected to encounter much of the death, deceit, heroism and hope experienced by soldiers who had fought in the Second World War. Read full story here.

Nov 05, 2013

Bronfman’s Claridge Collection of Canadian art goes on the auction block

Globe and Mail reports on Charles Bronfman's Claridge Collection up for auction

It began with a luncheon in Montreal in mid-1986 and it’s ending with a series of auctions, the first occurring Wednesday in Toronto. It is the Claridge Collection – what Stephen Ranger, vice-president of Waddington’s Auctioneers, calls an “extremely eclectic” potpourri of Canadian arts and crafts assembled in the 1980s and ’90s at the behest of billionaire businessman/philanthropist Charles Bronfman. Read full story here.

Nov 03, 2013

Epoch Times: Who Is Canadian?

Anthony Wilson-Smith, President of Historica Canada, on Canadian Citizenship

Those born in Canada often know less about its history than those who came here and went through the rigours of gaining citizenship. It’s a fact that raises the question, what makes us Canadian? Read full story here.

Oct 22, 2013

The Amazing Citizenship Race: a very Canadian result

Citizenship Challenge hosts “Amazing Citizenship Race” to mark Canada’s Citizenship Week

Two Ottawa journalists and a team of high school students made history Tuesday morning after facing off against one another in an Amazing Race-styled event, hosted by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander to mark Canada’s Citizenship Week. The reporters – CBC’s Meg Wilcox and myself – were admittedly nervous. The past three years had seen the smart high schoolers school the reporters in the annual challenge, this year dubbed the “Amazing Citizenship Race,” put on by Historica Canada. Read the full story here.

Oct 04, 2013

A Happy, Healthy Road to Democracy

Elise Cotter, Program Officer for the Citizenship Challenge, reports on lessons learned

The Canadian Citizenship Challenge (CCC), run by the non-profit Historica Canada organization, teaches the country’s youth about Canada’s history and identity. Members of the CCC team visited Halifax earlier this year to present an award to the student winners of their contest. On behalf of the team, CCC’s Elise Cotter reports on lessons learned. View the full story here.

Sep 29, 2013

Toronto Star: Being in a Heritage Minute: A Part of our Heritage

The Star goes behind the scenes to be a part of a Heritage Minute and documents the history of these historical moments.

The Star's Katie Daubs gets a non-starring role in a Heritage Minute episode honouring George-Étienne Cartier. See her full report here.

Sep 27, 2013

New Video Series Celebrates Diversity in Canada

New video series entitled “beCOMING/deVENIR Canada” produced by Passages Canada has been launched in St. John’s.


New video series entitled “beCOMING/deVENIR Canada” produced by Passages Canada has been launched in St. John’s.

Sep 27, 2013

CBC Radio Noon: Passages Canada

Jill Paterson talks Passages Canada

Jill Paterson on CBC Radio Noon in Newfoundland talks about Passages Canada’s video launch and outreach in Newfoundland. Listen here (please skip to 15:00).