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What do we really know about 'the true history of Canada'?

CTV News examines Canadian knowledge of Indigenous histories.

Jul 01, 2021


TAYLOR: D-Day taught us the meaning of sacrifice

Col. Gilbert Taylor reflects on D-Day and includes an excerpt of Lloyd Bentley’s testimony with The Memory Project.

Jun 05, 2021

Nov 22, 2017

Kasinec values Encounters with Canada

Smoky River Express covers one student's experience at Encounters with Canada

A high school student from High Prairie has enriched his life on a special trip to the nation’s capital. Mack Kasinec of St. Andrew’s School was among 140 students who participated in the Encounters with Canada program. Read the full story here

Nov 10, 2017

His duty to share. Our duty to remember.

St Catherine's Standard speaks to Bronwyn Graves and Diane Hill-Rose about The Memory Project

If Dave Hagan has his way, his stories will live long after he is gone. He wouldn’t want it any other way. Read the full story here

Nov 10, 2017

Three Remembrance Day stories that show Canadians still care

The Province shares Memory Project speaker Peter Bone's story of service

At the end of Peter Bone’s talk at a Vancouver elementary school, questions from children come fast and furious: “How did you feel about dropping bombs?” “Were you scared?” “How did you survive?” Read the full story here

Nov 06, 2017

Millennials more likely to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies: poll

The Canadian Press covers Historica Canada's Remembrance Day poll

A new survey suggests millennials are leading a gradual resurgence of interest when it comes to attending Remembrance Day ceremonies. Read the full story here

Nov 02, 2017

Second World War veteran Jim Parks passes along the war experience

Memory Project speaker Jim Parks speaks to

Early November is the peak of season for Jim Parks as a public speaker. Parks is part of Memory Project, a nonprofit organization that invites veterans and Canadian Forces  members to share their military experiences. Read the full story here

Oct 26, 2017


Canadian Jewish News covers the Kensington Market Heritage Minute launch

Michael Goldlist jokes that his people “came from chicken stock.” The Toronto writer grew up in the borough of North York, but as a kid, he’d often visit his dad at the Toronto Western Hospital, where he worked. Read the full story here

Oct 25, 2017

Edmonton student wins top prize in 'My Canada' video contest

CTV speaks to the Here's My Canada Grand Prize winner

More than 10,000 people entered Historica Canada’s “My Canada” contest, answering the question: “What does Canada mean to you?” But it was Edmonton student Kathy Milanowski’s 30-second response that won the $10,000 prize. Read the full story here

Oct 25, 2017

Toronto’s Kensington Market featured in new Heritage Minute

Global News highlights the new Heritage Minute, "Kensington Market"

Kensington Market — a staple in the city of Toronto — is featured in the first-ever animated Heritage Minute. Read the full story here

Oct 25, 2017

New Heritage Minute features Toronto's Kensington Market

CBC News covers the release of the Kensington Market Heritage Minute

Toronto's Kensington Market, a neighbourhood built by successive waves of newcomers, now has its own Heritage Minute. Read the full story here

Oct 24, 2017

Edmonton student wins $10,000 top prize in 'My Canada' contest

CBC News speaks to Kathy Milanowski, the Here's My Canada top winner

Kathy Milanowski can now say she has her own heritage minute. Well, almost. The organization Historica Canada, a charitable group most famous for producing Canadian Heritage Minutes, held a national contest asking "What does Canada mean to you?" Read the full story here