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What do we really know about 'the true history of Canada'?

CTV News examines Canadian knowledge of Indigenous histories.

Jul 01, 2021


TAYLOR: D-Day taught us the meaning of sacrifice

Col. Gilbert Taylor reflects on D-Day and includes an excerpt of Lloyd Bentley’s testimony with The Memory Project.

Jun 05, 2021

Nov 10, 2020

Fewer people plan to attend virtual or in-person Remembrance Day ceremonies: poll

The Canadian Press covers a Remembrance Day poll conducted on behalf of Historica Canada.

Fewer people plan to participate in Remembrance Day ceremonies or wear poppies this year, according to a poll from Historica Canada that also suggests knowledge of Canadian military history is dwindling. Read the full story here.

Nov 10, 2020

Canadian veterans keep memories of ‘forgotten’ Korean War alive 70 years later

The Canadian Press speak with The Memory Project veteran speaker Andy Barber on remembering the Korean War.

Seventy years after Canada committed troops to a conflict the public still knows little about, the country’s dwindling ranks of Korean War veterans continue to speak out about their experiences in the “forgotten war.” Read the full story here.

Nov 09, 2020

Serving in silence: Abbotsford Navy veteran discuses recently declassified work

CityNews Vancouver speaks with Memory Project speaker Gwen Settle on her recently declassified work of searching for Russian submarines during the Cold War.

Decades after she served in the Canadian Navy, an Abbotsford veteran has now been allowed to speak about her secret work during the Cold War. Watch the interview here.

Nov 09, 2020

Veterans connect with students online in lead-up to pandemic-era Remembrance Day

The Canadian Press covers how veterans with The Memory Project are connecting with students online during the pandemic.

Veterans like Crane, accustomed to ceremonies and speaking sessions in the weeks before Nov. 11, are adapting to pandemic-era online classroom visits as they share first-hand experiences with young Canadians.
More than 500 veterans and active Canadian Forces members in the Memory Project's speaker bureau are offering online talks during COVID-19, according to Bronwyn Graves, director of education and programs at Historica Canada. Read the full story here.

Oct 02, 2020

First on scene to liberate Dutch concentration camp

Lookout Navy News shares Ted Sheppard's wartime experiences, also available on The Memory Project's online archive.

On Monday Sept. 21, 98-year-old Ted Sheppard passed away at Veterans Memorial Lodge. Before he died, he shared his story of liberating prisoners at Holland’s Camp Westerbork during the Second World War. Read the full story here.

Oct 02, 2020

Queen of the Hurricanes Elsie MacGill has her heritage moment

Vancouver Sun covers the launch of the new Heritage Minute on Elsie MacGill.

For its latest Heritage Minute, Historica Canada dipped into Vancouver’s past, via Fort William, Ont. Queen of the Hurricanes looks at the remarkable career of Elsie MacGill, a Vancouver native who was the first female aeronautical engineer in the world. Read the full story here.

Oct 01, 2020

“Queen of the Hurricanes”: U of T Engineering’s first alumna featured in new Heritage Minute

University of Toronto covers the launch of the new Heritage Minute on Elsie MacGill.

ECE alumna Elsie MacGill (ElecE 2T7) was the first woman in Canada to receive a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and the world’s first female aeronautical engineer. In celebration of MacGill’s enduring legacy and contributions to the engineering profession, she has been immortalized in a Heritage Minute, released today by Historica Canada in conjunction with Women’s History Month. Read the full story here.

Oct 01, 2020

The world's first female aircraft engineer was Vancouver-born: Women's History Month

Vancouver is Awesome covers the newest Heritage Minute on Elsie MacGill.

Kicking off Women's History Month, a new Heritage Minute highlights the story of a Vancouverite who shattered glass ceilings and stereotypes during the Second World War. The world’s first female aeronautical engineer, Elsie MacGill, at age 33, oversaw the Ontario production of more than 1,400 Hawker Hurricane fighter planes. Read the full story here.

Oct 01, 2020

Queen of the Hurricanes focus of new Heritage Minute

CBC Thunder Bay covers the newest Heritage Minute on Elsie MacGill.

A groundbreaking aeronautical engineer who oversaw the production of hundreds of Hawker Hurricane aircraft at the Canadian Car and Foundry factory (Can Car) in what is now Thunder Bay, Ont., is the focus of a new Heritage Minute. Read the full story here.

Oct 01, 2020

New Heritage Minute highlights the world's first female aeronautical engineer: Vancouver's trailblazing Elsie MacGill

Georgia Straight covers the launch of the new Heritage Minute on Elsie MacGill.

A new Heritage Minute pays tribute to an inspirational and groundbreaking Canadian from Vancouver who overcame numerous gender barriers and refused to let anything stop her. Read the full story here.