Black History in Canada Historica Canada’s Black History in Canada portal is a gateway to authoritative online resources about Black history in Canada, thematically organized and annotated. Featuring a timeline, a collection of profiles and an introduction by Rosemay Sadlier, President of the Ontario Black History Society, the Black History in Canada portal highlights and celebrates the contribution of Black Canadians to this country.


“Black history did not begin in recent times in Canada, but in ancient times in Africa. People connected by their common African history and ancestry have created Black history here.”


Black History in Canada Education Guide: The purpose of this Guide is to enhance your students' knowledge and appreciation of the Black Canadian experience, drawing from Lawrence Hill's award-winning historical fiction, The Book of Negroes, the remarkable journey of Aminata Diallo and the historic British document known as the Book of Negroes. Structured around themes of journey, slavery, human rights, passage to Canada and contemporary culture, this Guide asks students to examine issues of identity, equality, community, and nation-building in both a historical and contemporary context. The tools provided here are supplemented with additional activities and resources at the Black History Portal.


“I wrote the novel The Book of Negroes to remove the dehumanizing mask of slavery and to explore an African woman’s intimate experiences and emotions as she travels the world in the 18th century.”

– Lawrence Hill