New Survey Measures What the World Thinks of Canada and Canadians Part III: Global Attitudes on the Environment, the Land and the Canadian Character

June 23, 2010

New Survey Measures What the World Thinks of Canada and Canadians Part III: Global Attitudes on the Environment, the Land and the Canadian Character

TORONTO (June 23, 2010)  – As Canada prepares to host to the world’s leaders at the G8 and G20 Summits, a new survey commissioned by The Historica-Dominion Institute takes the pulse of the global community’s perceptions of Canada and Canadians.

The third of the three-part survey, entitled Canada and the World in 2010, examines how the global community sees Canada, asking their views of the land, the people and their character.
The online survey of over 18,000 people in 24 countries, conducted by Ipsos Reid, shows that, even in the wake of the Copenhagen Conference, the world thinks more highly of Canada’s commitment to the environment than Canadians do. Asked if Canada is environmentally responsible in relation to other industrialized countries, eight in ten (81%) global respondents agreed, while 68% of Canadians agree – making them among the least likely to believe this.

Other key findings include:

  • Canada’s reputation for caring for the environment is higher among global respondents (84%) than among Canadians (77%) themselves;
  • Nine in ten (90%) global respondents agree that Canada has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and 88% say they would like to visit Canada;
  • Eight in ten (80%) global respondents say that Canadians are someone they would welcome into their home for a meal. Only 79% of Canadians say they same thing about their countrymen;
  • Seven in ten (71%) global respondents think people who live in Canada are “cool”, including 92% of respondents in France;
  • About half (53%) of the world’s citizens describe Canadians as “sexy”. Canadians are even more (64%) likely to think themselves sexy. Interestingly, the sex appeal of Canadians is highest in India (71%) and Saudi Arabia (70%).

“The world likes Canada,” says Andrew Cohen, president of The Historica-Dominion Institute. “People want to visit here and they want to move here. They see us as free, as well as kind, decent, tolerant,and hospitable. For a country which wants to make a difference in the world, this reservoir of goodwill is invaluable.”

The global survey is a project of The Historica-Dominion Institute in partnership with the Munk School of Global Affairs with the support of the Aurea Foundation.

The online poll of over 18,000 people was run across 24 countries representing 75% of the world’s GDP. The results of the full survey will be released over a three-day period from June 21 to June 23 in the days before the G8 and G20 Summits.

The Historica-Dominion Institute is the largest charitable organization dedicated to Canadian history, identity and citizenship. Its mandate is to build active and informed citizens through a greater knowledge and appreciation of the history, heritage and stories of Canada.

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