Whipper Billy Watson



It is claimed that Watson won 99 percent of his 6300 matches during a 30-year professional wrestling career.

Today, few might imagine that wresting once seemed destined for the dustbin of history, but in the first half of the 20th century, wrestling had a much lower profile in Canada than it does today. If not for the exploits of Whipper Billy Watson, it might not have achieved the fame it did in the years before the likes of today’s World Wrestling Entertainment.

Over his 30-year professional wrestling career and some 6,300 bouts, Watson thrilled audiences with his arsenal of wrestling holds and moves, including the move that gave him his nickname. His natural talent combined with his public popularity resulted in several Canadian and World Heavyweight title reigns, as well as one of the most successful – and respected – careers in the history of the sport.

Whipper Billy Watson of Toronto, Ontario. A Footprint on the apron of Canadian sports.