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Time Machine Vol.65

28 September 2000: Death of Pierre Trudeau
Pierre Trudeau died in Montreal. He had been suffering from prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

29 September 2004: Expos Last Game
The Montreal Expos played their last game at home, at Olympic Stadium, before the team moved to Washington, DC. They were defeated 9–1 by the Florida Marlins in front of more than 30,000 fans.

30 September 2011: Top Court Defends Safe Injection Sites
In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Canada barred the federal government from closing Insite, a safe injection facility in Vancouver. Maintaining that such services play a crucial role in treating drug addiction and saving lives, the court decided that the benefit to public health outweighed the government’s concerns surrounding the sanctioned use of illegal substances.

1 October 1950: Family Rosary Hour
The Family Rosary Hour aired for the first time on CKAC radio, led by Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger. It aired every night at 7 pm following the 6:00 news. Over 65% of the population tuned in. Léger led the broadcast until 1967, when he left for Africa. The program continued until 1970.

2 October 1758: First Meeting of an Elected Assembly in Canada
The first meeting of an elected assembly in what is now Canada took place in Halifax. The assembly’s 22 elected members attended.

3 October 1882: Birth of Alexander Young Jackson
Painter Alexander Young Jackson, who, as a leading member of the Group of Seven, helped to remake the visual image of Canada, was born at Montréal.

4 October 1971: Oil Discovered on Sable Island
Oil and natural gas were discovered on Sable Island.