Time Machine Vol. 63

14 September 1994: Baseball Season Cancelled
The major league baseball season was cancelled, including the World Series, as a result of ongoing labour problems and a players’ strike.

15 September 1901: Birth of Gweneth Lloyd
Ballet director Gweneth Lloyd, who became founding director and choreographer of what became the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, was born at Eccles, Eng.

16 September 1893: Calgary Becomes City
Calgary was incorporated as a city.

17 September 1878: Conservatives Regain Power
In the federal election, the Conservatives regained power with 137 seats to the Liberals’ 69. Sir John A. Macdonald became prime minister again.

18 September 1841: Public Schools Established
An Act for the establishment and maintenance of public schools in Canada was passed.

19 September 1985: Tunagate
Federal Fisheries Minister John Fraser announced the recall of a million cans of tuna. The scandal, known as “Tunagate,” erupted when The Fifth Estate, a CBC news program, revealed Fraser had ignored reports declaring the odoriferous tuna unfit for human consumption. Fraser resigned on 23 September.

20 September  1951: Birth of Guy Lafleur
Hockey player Guy Lafleur, whose fluid skating style, instinctive playmaking and accurate shot carried him to 6 consecutive 50-goal seasons, was born at Thurso, Que.