Isaac Brock: Fallen Hero
Isaac Brock

Isaac Brock was long remembered as the fallen hero and saviour of Upper Canada (courtesy NAC/C-36181).

In the very early morning of October 13, 1812, Major General Isaac Brock was fast asleep in his bunk at Fort George, on the Niagara Frontier. About 4:00 am he was awakened by the distant thud of cannon fire. He rose in a flash, dressed, mounted his horse Alfred and dashed through the fort gate towards the sound of the guns.

Brock knew that the Americans, who had declared war on Britain in June, would try to invade somewhere along the frontier. Former US president Thomas Jefferson told President James Madison that taking Canada would be a “mere matter of marching.”

Brock rode on through the drizzling rain and pall of smoke to the hamlet of Queenston. He was annoyed that it had come to this. Earlier he had won a brilliant, and bloodless, victory over superior forces at the siege of Detroit. He wanted to rout the Americans before they had time to organize but was shackled by the timid policy of Governor George Prevost. The delay had given the Americans time to regroup and now they were on Canadian soil.

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