Hirsute Heritage Minute Contest Winners

I occasionally go two or three weeks without shaving, and when my hairy face begins to itch, I face a choice: a bearded fork in the road. Do I shave it off, alleviate the itch and re-join the ranks of respectable society? Or do I go full bore and attempt a glorious beard befitting a man of stature, not of respectable society but perhaps above it? When the moment of truth presents itself to me in those itchy, tormented nights on the pillow, to my detriment I always shear, never soldier on.

Thankfully there are men whose own mettle is of stronger stuff than mine; men who would have been right at home in the days leading up to Confederation. Men who would have slapped backs and downed whisky with John Macdonald himself, men who need never fear the cold Canadian winter on their faces. We recently held a contest where such men could submit their beards via Twitter and Facebook in an effort to be cast as a Heritage Minute extra. While all the submissions were fantastic – save my own pitiful effort – in the end we could only go with a select four – Nathan, Mathew, Gavin, and Tom – who are on set today becoming “a part of our heritage.”

The top four are below, followed by the best of the rest and me.Beards_English ——————